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Learn why UL is a global leader in carbon reporting software

About UL’s Turbo Carbon™ software

UL developed Turbo Carbon, carbon reporting software, to enable small and medium-size businesses to quickly and efficiently report their carbon emissions. Building on UL’s expertise in sustainability software, Turbo Carbon is an easy-to-use online solution to generate reports in just four steps. By using Turbo Carbon, you can feel confident you have selected a best-in-class carbon emissions reporting tool. In fact, Verdantix ranked UL’s 360 sustainability software for enterprises the highest for greenhouse gas emissions management among the 23 Green Quadrant software vendors in their 2019 report.

About UL

For 125 years, we have helped enable the possibilities of today while looking ahead to safeguard the unknowns of tomorrow. By empowering trust and smarter decisions, we help build a better world by advancing innovation safety, sustainability and connected security. Always upholding and pushing the rigorous scientific standards that have brought us here today, we continue to positively impact people and society by working for a safer, more secure and sustainable world.

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