Our Solution – Turbo Carbon™

Turbo Carbon™ is an easy to use carbon reporting solution that makes reporting efficient and cost effective. Having provided sustainability reporting services to customers for more than a decade, UL understands the challenges encountered and success factors required to deliver comprehensive, accurate CO2 reporting. This understanding is embedded into UL's carbon reporting software tool, making it a one-stop digital resource for carbon reporting.

Four Easy Steps

Turbo Carbon™ is an online tool that enables anyone to generate a carbon report through a guided, step-by-step process.



  • Reporting benefits
  • Data sources
  • User guide

Drawing on over 15 years of helping businesses measure and manage their carbon emissions, UL will provide practical training on carbon management. On the completion of training you will be fully prepared to begin your carbon management journey.


Data Collection

  • KPI Library
  • Data quality checks
  • Evidence upload

Using a set of dynamic questionnaires, activity data relevant to your business can be collected and supporting evidence uploaded. On completion of data collection, you will have an extensive and verification ready activity data set ready for submission and conversion to carbon emissions.



  • CO2 dashboard
  • ISO 14064-1 report
  • Data exports

Once your data is submitted, you can analyze your carbon footprint through a dynamic chart on your Turbo Carbon home page. Furthermore, you can download a PDF summary of your carbon footprint. On completion of reporting you will be able to accurately disclose your carbon footprint.


Reporting Services

  • Customer support
  • Disclosure coaching
  • Benchmarking

Should you choose to, you can draw upon UL’s extensive experience helping businesses report their emissions to national regulatory frameworks or third party platforms such as the CDP. This optional service helps you optimize your use of the reporting enabled by Turbo Carbon.


Making a carbon report is easy with Turbo Carbon™.

Turbo Carbon, the premiere carbon reporting solution for small and medium businesses. It's simple, fast and affordable!

Why Turbo Carbon™ is Right for Me

I need to comply with new mandatory carbon reporting legislation

I need to respond to NGO and customer questionnaires about our carbon footprint

Our company wants to measure and manage our climate impact to create a sustainable future

I want to know the carbon emmissions of my supply chain

Customer Stories


Brochure - Turbo Carbon

Take the first step to carbon reporting. Download the pdf Brochure for more information


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Info Sheet - Turbo Carbon

Take the first step to carbon reporting. Download the pdf Info Sheet for more information


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